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    The coldblooded murder of children and women „America does not negotiate with terrorists“. The film, coupled with a run in with a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads outside the theater, cause her to doubt the National Socialist cause. Ohne ist er wohl auch lustig, aber es entgehen dann doch einige Anspielungen. Handlung von Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race Die Nazi-Attacke von der dunklen Seite des Mondes aus wurde in Iron Sky noch erfolgreich abgewehrt. With Richter out of the way, Washington pulls the tablet computer free from the Götterdämmerung's systems and the warship powers down. „Oh Northkorea sit down„. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Better described as a sort of „Hitlerjugend“. James Washington No? Considering story and humour i watched this movie with just one prejudice.  I wanna turn off my brain and enjoy a movie that’s propably the dumbest movie of all times. I would have missed way too many great insinuations. how could i resist? Not that surprising then, that the battle against the spacenazis ends in a worldwide nuclear war for ressources, rendering earth a second mars, killing the whole population in the process. I don’t wanna go into the details of the story. One with and one without spoilers. On the surface, Iron Sky looks exactly like that kind of film, due to its ridiculous premise, apparent lack-luster budget, and writing that gives way to terms like “Mondfuhrer” and “Meteor Blitzkrieg”. Ändern ). (although i was surprised the „Albinisierer“ wasn’t called „Ariel“). James Washington is an African American male model sent to the Moon on the Liberty mission in 2018. April 2012 (in Deutschland ab dem 5. Letzterer fährt auf Teufel komm raus auf der "Hoho, die trauen sich aber was! The pursuing Earth fleet quickly enters the scene and the USS George W. Bush bombards Schwarze Sonne with nuclear warheads. Sebastian Schwarz 11.04.2012: BILD Dir Deine Meinung! Washington's smartphone briefly succeeds in powering the massive warship before its battery dies. And enjoy the movie, i did. Singapore – on communities and contrasts. Also das ist doch kein Fail seitens EA, immerhin wissen wir alle seit "Iron Sky", was ein Albinisierer so alles anrichten kann. Washington and Renate travel to Vivian Wagner's office to confront her and Adler where they discover that Kortzfleisch has arrived to take charge and that the Nazi invasion is imminant. "Moon Nazis Are Coming!" (Some of the Nazis infiltrate earth, start making propaganda for the US-president Nazistyle, the invasion starts, Renate realizes Nazis aren’t all that good, earth launches a counterattack and the nomore black astronaut tries to stop the Nazis. Iron Sky - Wir kommen in Frieden SF / Satire, Finnland / Deutschland / Australien 2012, 93 Minuten, ab 12 ... Gerade so eben 5 von 10 Albinisierer-Spritzen. MOONNAZIS. … Leider steckt der fertige "Iron Sky" irgendwo dazwischen, in Sachen Inszenierungsart, im Genre, im Tonfall und vor allem im bemühten Witz. The Movie itself is loaded with Clischées but never goes too far and if you don’t expect anything at all you will be surprised in more than just one way. Because there are two things the Nazis knew how to do right. This, for their own reasons extremly cut version of an actual 2 hours long, cult classic movie of Charlie Chaplin symbolizes at the same time, the propagandamethods of the moonnazis (or nazis in general) and the direction this movie will take from now on. Conberichte 2015: Dedeco, Jahresplanung und sonstiges. Sound familiar? After discovering his whitened appearance in a botched attempt to borrow a van from a group of African American youths, Washington leads Adler and Renate to his boss, Presidental Campaign Manager Vivian Wagner. – Die Ausgangsposition bietet Potential für eine trashige Komödie, doch Timo Vuorensola bleibt weit hinter den Möglichkeiten zurück, lässt es an Biss ebenso wie an Mut zu … Einer der potentesten Albinisierer (siehe Iron Sky) wo gibt. Taking a look at the audience i suspect it’s merelly a paradise for „Hipsters“… but i digress. In «Iron Sky» überleben die Nazis den Zweiten Weltkrieg auf dem Mond, was wunderbar abgedreht ist und den B-Movie zum Kultstreifen machte. Jeder kann nach diesem Unsinn googeln, man findet sogar haufenweise Material und Dokus dazu. All of these are just small bits of the really mean insinuations this movie throws your way. vasilyonline has uploaded 190 photos to Flickr. The Albinisierer serum was developed by the Fourth Reich to transform individuals who are injected into "Aryans", enabling them to develop Nordic features, white skin, blue eyes and blond hair... Albinisierer | Iron Sky Wiki | Fandom Das ist das positivste Ende! With absolutely no background … Like the great dictator itself. Showing the ten minutes long Shortfilm „The Great Dictator“ she explains her students how her loving Führer wants to bring peace to the Earth. After a nearly fatal mishap with an airlock, Washington is recaptured by Adler and taken to the laboratory of Doctor Richter for interrogation. (Charlie Chaplin, Iron Sky, Laibach, Moon, Nazis, Review, The great Dictator). and ranting his story to passersby. Iron Sky ist also keineswegs nur eine moderne Satire, sondern vorallem ein Seitenhieb auf solche völlig abstrusen Verschwörungstheorien und Ideen der letzten Jahrzehnte. "-Schiene, nur bieten weder Regie noch Drehbuch irgendein Talent auf, um sowas auch absurd … Iron Sky (engl. As the Earth ships fight over the discovered German Helium 3 stockpiles outside, Washington and Renate are reunited in her classroom. Du kannst auf der abgebildeten Skala von 1-10 eine Wertung für diesen Film abgeben. Iron Sky … Starting with the american president, that extremely looks like Sarah Palin, moving over towards the over the top Nazis that appear to be stuck in the middle ages with their technology but make up for it with an unbelievable amount of creativity. Declared dead after the Liberty disaster became public and no way to prove otherwise with his appearance changed, Washington spent the next three months living homeless on the streets of New York City. Male The two fight and Richter briefly pins Washington with a drill but is distracted when the German national anthem begins to play over the public address system. Nachher läuft noch Stiletto, mal schauen ob der auch wirklich uncut wiederholt wird. This astronaut is black and a male model, only being on the moon because the nameless, but deeply by Sarah Palin inspired, president of the United States of America … They're mining He3, they break the moon and there's some WW2 style. But nontheless. The movie i chose for this experience was: What can you say about this movie? Black (Blonde) Wie wollen das die finnischen Filmemacher für den zweiten Teil toppen? After their release, Renate tries to make Washington feel better and show him the good things about Nazis by taking him to a showing of The Great Dictator. Iron Sky (engl. Washington makes a break for it while his guards are distracted and encounters teacher and Earthologist Renate Richter. Dressed in a Hitler-Jugend uniform, he is wheeled out by Doctor Richter before Adler, Kortzfleisch, Renate, and other members of the Fourth Reich, where he is to accompany Adler to Earth to retrieve more "telephone computers" to complete the Götterdämmerung. They do however discover his smartphone, which despite their initial disbelief of his claims of it being a computer, Doctor Richter discovers that it could complete the long incomplete Götterdämmerung wonder weapon. Iron Sky Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. ( Abmelden /  + Iron Sky: Die Nazis sind 1945 auf die dunkle Seite des Mond geflüchtet und kommen 2016 wieder zurück. Iron Sky. Create cool uniforms and propaganda. Mir persönlich hat Iron Sky sehr gut gefallen, und ich halte ihn für 75% so satirisch und für 60% so durchdacht wie Starship Troopers es einst war, aber wenn der Timo Vuorensola einen großen Kinofilm dreht, dann spielt er halt auch bei den großen Jungs mit. „An Invasion? 15. Iron Sky may be many things, but one thing it’s definitally not is being brainless. Iron Sky (2012) Einfach ein schrecklich schräger Film, der gängige Nazi-Klischees ironisch aufarbeitet und mit so mancher verrückten Idee aufwartet (zum Beispiel den "Albinisierer"). If you want the get the full impact of the movie, stop reading now or you’ll regret it. After some trouble with a local farmer growing marijuana in the field they landed in, the trio make their way to New York City. Wenn es das Oxidieren alleine ist, bietet sich das Zeugs an, was Carmen Nebel, Dagmar Frederic und Limahl (von Kajagoogoo) in ihre Haare geschmiert haben: Ha-Zwoo-Oh-Zwoo in vulgo Wasserstoffperoxid an. The interrogation does not go smoothly, due to Washington's lack of any practical knowledge combined with the Germans' belief that he is either lying or too stupid to answer properly due to his African background. Washington reaches the engine room where he finds Doctor Richter completing his work. In Vorbereitung auf Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race habe ich mir nochmal den ersten Teil angesehen, denn außer dem Albinisierer und Udo Kier ist keine Erinnerung vorhanden. Go and watch this movie… NOW! Unfortunately, they are showing the original two hour version of the film that is critical of fascism, rather than the ten minute doctored version she grew used to on the Moon. Portrayer(s): Original german warsongs during the „third Reich“, epic Rock/Technomixes, including nordic sounding choires that  impart the power and „we-feeling“ people often associate with the Nazis, or more precisely. Singapore was a British settlement for over a century and there are loads of British influences in infrastructure – driving is obviously on the left – and the British based legal and security system, such as the omnipresent … The movie starts with the nazis on the moon arresting an american astronaut. ( Abmelden /  Niemand stört sich daran, dass er sich niemals frei entscheiden konnte, ob er die Generalüberholung seines Genpools überhaupt will. Dabei steht 1 für extrem schlecht … The Naziteacher of the socalled „Pimpfe“ on the Moon. Washington is unaware of his altered appearance and follows Renate's instruction to pretend to be a Nazi to make them believe that their attempts to brainwash him were also successful. „Black to the moon“. Washington and Renate kiss. Iron Sky Eine Gruppe Nazis hat den Zweiten Weltkrieg überlebt und auf dem Mond eine Kolonie errichtet. Iron Sky. The Nazispaceships (gotta love that word) look gorgeous, at least if you are a fan of the Dieselpunkgenre, and although the movie is marketed as a „low budget movie“ you don’t really see much of it. The soundtrack by Laibach is absolutely ingenious and matches the setting. Occupation(s): Wenn man über soziale Gerechtigkeit debattiert, dann fällt häufig der Begriff “Privileg” (insbesondere im Englischen). Just the word itself sounds hilarious. Herrliche Satire, mit tollen Anspielungen auf die US-Politik. Adler reveals that he is on Earth for more than just more smartphones, he wants Washington to take him to the President of the United States. Maybe because i wouldn’t call a box office budget of 7,5 Mio $ really „low budget“.  At least not for an european movie. Möglich, dass es am Bier lag, dass dabei konsumiert wurde. All pretty covered in over the top comedy so people don’t realize how cruel the messages actually are. Where else would you find a cinema with a bar that allows you to take glasses of wine with you, but doesn’t sell popcorn? Doctor Richter also begins to administer his Albinisierer serum to Washington, which results in him transforming into an "Aryan" with pale white skin and blue eyes. Conberichte 2014: Connichi + Gesundheitsupdate. Like its role model „the great dictator“ the movie starts as a comedy with a few mean insinuations. They arrive at the Götterdämmerung and split up, with Washington going to sabotage the engines while Renate confronts Adler on the bridge. Iron Sky may be many things, but one thing it’s definitally not is being brainless. The movie starts with the nazis on the moon arresting an american astronaut. During the movie the comedy decreases slowly but steady while the seriousness and the cruelty starts to build up. Mit von der Partie sind Götz Otto (er macht sich als Nazi durchaus gut) oder Udo Kier (als "Mond-Führer"). Das ist praktisch der „Albinisierer“ aus „Iron Sky“, aber alle finden das geil! Obi Washington (Daughter)Renate Richter (Wife) Along with his more professional crewmate Sanders, Washington successfully landed on the Moon. eiserner Himmel) ist eine Science-Fiction-Komödie des finnischen Regisseurs Timo Vuorensola aus dem Jahr 2012 mit Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby und Götz Otto in den Hauptrollen. Species: Dennoch hätte Vuorensola trotz der ganzen Witze über Politiker, Nazis und sonstige Machtbesessene ruhig noch eine Schippe drauflegen können. Von dort wollen sie zur Invasion der Erde starten. It tells the story of a group of Nazi Germans who, having been defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon, where they built a space fleet to return in 2018 and conquer Earth. USA And that the Nazis are the cure for the sick humankind on earth. Dennoch hätte Vuorensola trotz der ganzen Witze über Politiker, Nazis und sonstige Machtbesessene ruhig noch eine Schippe drauflegen können. Adler, Washington, and Renate travel to Earth in the Rheingold and land in upstate New York.

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