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    Furthermore, the events must be reported to Department E, Division E3 ([email protected]). With a proof of posting from the post office (registered mail), students have the opportunity to obtain secure proof of submission. Please note that the quarantine regulations of the State of Hessen apply regardless of the individual entry possibilities. Please note: The pandemic plan provides a framework for general measures in the event of a pandemic - not only during the current corona pandemic. Taking into account all hygiene and safety recommendations, a delivery as usual to the office or laboratory is possible. The faculties have developed individual concepts for teaching under pandemic conditions. Working from home or mobile working is encouraged (see also “Employees”). If you receive BAFöG and are currently not able to provide the necessary academic achievements, this lack of proof does not have any effect on your BAFöG scholarship. What do I do if the corona warning app shows an increased risk? In exceptional, duly substantiated cases, the respective authority may decide to grant paid time off from work if the regulations within the duty in respect of care and supervision and within service obligation have been considered. Face-to-face office hours do not take place until further notice. How can I currently collect my password or how can I reset my password? Please also carry an official photo ID to be able to identify yourself in the event of a check. You must fill it in electronically and it must be signed by your supervisor. On weekends they can also be used outside of online seminars between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. All places must be reserved in advance via the booking system. First aid must also be provided during the corona pandemic.Information for first aiders can be found in our information sheet on first aid activities during the corona pandemic. The university library (UB) and the four departmental libraries have been lending again since 20th April 2020 (within restricted opening hours restrictions) - observing special security measures and precautions, of course. Against this background, the total permissible fixed-term limit in accordance with Section 2(1) (§ 2 Absatz 1 WissZeitVG) has been extended by 6 months for employment relationships existing or having existed between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 as of 1 March 2020 as stated in Section 7(3). Stud.IP: 'Hands-On'-Demo. Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, room 24 A and B, Licher Strasse 68, 8. Based on a previous assessment of the working conditions, your supervisors must determine – if necessary in consultation with the occupational safety specialists - whether occupational health and safety measures are necessary to effectively protect you from health risks associated with the performance of your work. In essence, the requirements are the existence of an approved hygiene concept, which can be used for your exam, and compliance with all safety and hygiene measures during the on-site exam. In these exceptional cases, orders of office supplies may be delivered to the respective home address. They should comply with the hygiene regulations and should reduce social contacts as far as possible. which fall under the responsibility of JLU, including resits (retake examinations) of the winter semester 2019/20, the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, which actually take place or have taken place after 12 March 2020. • Owa.uni-giessen.de has servers located in Giessen, Hesse, 35394, Germany. 16.00 pm Giessen and surroundings – our favourite spots and activities (Live), 19.00 pm Open Stage Session @Lokal International (Live). All faculties have also prepared specific offers for their new students. There is also the possibility of creating a hygiene concept across faculties or departments. Due to the decisions of the federal and state governments to contain the corona pandemic, which were made on 28 October 2020, all ahs outdoor sports courses will also be cancelled until 30 November 2020. In order to be able to provide as many members of JLU as possible with a reading place, we will introduce a booking system for the workspaces in the University Library (UB) as well as in the Departmental Library for Law and Economics (ZRW) from 12 October 2020 onwards. Information zum Seitenaufbau und Sprungmarken fuer Screenreader-Benutzer: Ganz oben links auf jeder Seite befindet sich das Logo der JLU, verlinkt mit der Startseite. You receive the link with the access information by e-mail. The same applies to participants in committee meetings. Since nearly all VPN companies propose some mixture of the same technologies, ruminate value instead. This particularly applies to teaching, examinations and admission courses, as well as to the use of study, computer and work rooms, and workplaces in libraries which are available to students outside of courses for their studies. The delivering persons must be picked up at the building-specific entrance or location and accompanied to the final delivery point; this also applies to the way back. Lecturers whose classes have not yet been digitised can get in touch with the IT Service centre at [email protected]. Inform the category 1 contact persons about the situation. Deviations from this are only permitted in special individual cases, if the current, pandemic-related workload makes this necessary. Please contact the state examination office responsible for your course of studies in order to find out whether on-site examinations at JLU are being held or whether alternatives are offered. You must have it with you when travelling to the place of work at night or from the place of work to home during the duration of the curfew. Even though there are no books available in the new study room, there is WiFi as well as sufficient space and quiet for learning and writing. Due to the still very limited number of seats due to the corona, booking is only possible for members and relatives of JLU until further notice. If any articles are required and offered by a supplier that are not listed in the JustOS catalogue, these articles can be ordered using the "Freitextbestellung" function. Teachers can either opt for other forms of examination or follow the above-mentioned notes on examinations that require physical presence. Sauer & Christiansen: Einsatz von Stud.IP an der JLU Gießen / am FB 07. eLearning- & Medientag an der JLU Gießen, 26. International students, doctoral students and researchers are generally able to (re-)enter Germany. "Hochschulwahlen an der JLU 23.01.-02.02.17! März 2020), you have received an order for a separation / isolation by the public health department. Airing rooms reduces the number of fine droplets (aerosols) containing pathogens that may be present in the air. You will find the current version of the corona contact and operating restrictions ordinance on the homepage of the Hessian state government under the heading “Für Bürgerinnen und Bürger: Aktuelle Lesefassungen der Verordnungen” (German version only). All lecture halls and seminar rooms are available to all faculties at JLU for examinations, meetings of university governing bodies, committee meetings and other official meetings. These meetings should take place as face-to-face meetings as far as the general conditions at JLU allow. The same event formats can be combined. During isolation or quarantine or the ban on access in accordance with the above-mentioned corona ordinance, employees must carry out their work activities and tasks - if possible - from home. The Joint Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has decided to extend financial support for DFG-funded research work in view of the ongoing adverse effects of the corona virus pandemic. with regard to the right of residence), international students can get in touch with the International Office at JLU, where Dr. Saltanat Langohr and Patrycja Zakrzewska will answer your questions. This means that a real-time, time-limited online test is no substitute for final examination for a module. Due to the very dynamic development, further more concrete details and advice will be supplemented by circular emails. As is generally the case with all cases of illness, inform your superior or your department as well. Rechts daneben kann sich ein weiteres Bild/Schriftzug befinden. General information concerning organisational questions about how to deal with corona is provided by the Hessian state government. All services are free of charge and are aimed at the general public in Giessen and the surrounding region.The website was set up at the beginning of the summer semester and will be continuously updated with additional offerings. Should I stay home as a precaution?Until the test results are known, you must stay away from the workplace. You should be able to participate having all audio functionalities in place (video and microphone). Please also note our official regulations for university governing bodies of JLU, further information on how to air rooms, protective measures for face-to-face meetings and for appointment procedures. This only applies if you must take care of your own child under the age of 12 years because daycare centres, nurseries or schools are closed due to infection protection measures (coronavirus). The Competence Team Digital Teaching supports lecturers in preparing digital teaching formats. Online VPN client uni giessen: 6 Work Without problems Your IP tact is essential for. | Maximum duration of fixed-term civil servant or employment contracts for (qualification) professorships ("tenure-track professorships") and junior professorships extended. When looking for a VPN, don't only focus on pelt along, since that's the factor you and the VPN company have the least insure concluded. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stud.IP zum 20. How do I proceed in case of necessary on-site installation or assembly work? Start of lectures: Please access your lectures via Stud.IP if not explained otherwise by your lecturer. I must take care of a close relative in need of care because the day care facility was closed due to infection protection measures because of the corona virus or because the admission is not possible. However, mail is delivered to and collected from the areas and facilities at a reduced rate, but at least once per day. The only exception to this is the study of veterinary medicine, where the number of resits / retake examinations is limited to two in accordance with § 17, section 1 of the veterinary regulations for registration (Tierärtze-Approbationsverordnung). A certificate of incapacity to work is required if the incapacity takes more than three calendar days. You will need it to login to your email inbox, to FlexNowand Stud.IP • Please note that as of October 2, 2020, wearing masks (mouth and nose covers) is compulsory at universities by state ordinance. There is also the possibility of creating a hygiene concept across faculties or departments. JLU members can access licensed digital media via EZ-Proxy, i.e. Scientists and researchers in their qualification phase according to Section 2(1) (§ 2 Absatz 1) of the law on temporary employment in higher education (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, WissZeitVG) are particularly affected by these restrictions, as they are subject to the maximum time limits of six years before and six years - in the field of medicine nine years - after the doctorate according to Section 2(1) points 1 and 2 (§ 2 Absatz 1 Satz 1 und 2 WissZeitVG). If you have any other questions or problems, please inform the relevant offices within JLU about the fact that you do not currently have an up-to-date chip card due to this situation to ensure that individual solutions can be found there. Please note the information on the organisation of the room booking for examinations, the protective measures, the measures for meetings of university governing bodies, internal committee meetings and other meetings, the information on how to air rooms as well as the information on how to collect contact data. External internships can be continued/started. Delivery and assembly is possible under consideration of the hygiene rules for external service providers. Students are urgently requested to proceed in the same way. You should only keep these documents at home as long as your work with these (do not leave them at home after you finished working with them). Particularly in view of the dynamic development of the pandemic, it is urgently recommended to check in advance whether the event absolutely has to take place at the planned date or whether it can still be postponed. Applications for extensions must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources through the usual official channels as long as the regulation applies. Web Courses | The curfew applies both to the district and the city of Giessen (official decree of the district of Giessen). To ensure that your orders can be delivered and assembled, please state a telephone number (business or mobile number) on the order form provided so that you can agree with your deliverer on how to handle the delivery and assembly. To stays abroad, the same applies as to business trips. In the case of employees, consequences may arise under labour law. This means that anyone who intentionally or negligently violates the above-mentioned regulations is acting in breach of the regulations within the meaning of the Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz). If there are particularities to take note of regarding ventilation, this information is available on Stud.IP via the room search. If you have further questions, please get in touch with your colleagues at the departmental section Procurement and Materials Management (Beschaffung und Materialwirtschaft) or send an email to [email protected]. If the first attempt or the compensatory examination was not passed, but the module examination was passed in total by means of grade adjustment, a repetition is possible though not necessary. with the g- or s-user ID and the net password (Netzpasswort). → These opportunities are to be used by the employees as a priority at first. Kurse | Use the participation lists/seating plans to determine which persons are eligible as category 1 contact persons. According to the current legal situation, there are no restrictions for persons from risk areas within Germany comparable to the quarantine regulations when entering the country from an international risk area (§ 1 der Hessischen Verordnung zur Bekämpfung des Corona-Virus). All information on digital teaching during the summer semester 2020 is available at www.uni-giessen.de/corona-lehre. Can orders still be placed? The risk groups can ("should" from group 3 onwards according to the above-mentioned occupational health recommendation) be given the opportunity to perform their work from home (mobile working), if possible. JLU students can request their certificates of enrolment for the winter semester 2020/21 online. Please note the information on specific protective measures when dealing with test persons: https://www.uni-giessen.de/org/admin/dez/b/3/Dateien/corona-probanden. Law on temporary employment in higher education - Maximum time within temporary employment extended for doctoral students and postdocs. Stud.IP mobil allows you to easily access your own Stud.IP. General information about wikis. Benötigen Sie weitere Unterstützung, dann schauen Sie doch in unsere FAQ für Lehrende oder unsere FAQ für Studierende. Until further notice, priority is given to ensuring that the garden can be used for research and teaching under increased safety and hygiene standards. Die Homepage der Abteilung für Arbeits- & Organisationspsychologie der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. For your orientation, the room booking system contains information on possible examination rooms, including their maximum capacity under current conditions. Information zum Seitenaufbau und Sprungmarken fuer Screenreader-Benutzer: Ganz oben links auf jeder Seite befindet sich das Logo der JLU, verlinkt mit der Startseite. Students who are deeply in need for help due to the corona pandemic can now apply for financial at the student services (Studenten- bzw. II, ZP II), the Departmental Library for Natural and Life Sciences (Zweigbibliothek Natur- und Lebenswissenschaften, ZNL) and the Departmental Library in the Zeughaus (Zweigbibliothek im Zeughaus, ZHB), which have so far only been open for lending, will make a small number of reading places available to JLU members in accordance with the current corona-related safety and hygiene measures. On the one hand, four group work rooms on the 1st floor are available for individual use. Direkt zur Navigation Stud.IP dient in erster Linie dazu administrativer Abläufe zu vereinfachen (Teilnehmerlisten, verteilen und einsammeln von Dokumenten, Durchführung von Evaluationen und Umfragen etc. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Should the regulations cause unacceptable cases of hardship for individual students, these students are asked to contact the Department of Studies and Teaching (Stabsabteilung Lehre, StL) via email. Online application: www.ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende.de. You can get in touch via telephone (during the regular office hours 0641 99-16223) and email ([email protected]). Hybrid semester concept of the State of Hesse (September 2020): Studieren in Hessen ab dem Wintersemester 2020/2021 - Präsenzlehre mit Augenmaß. Even when you wear disposable gloves, you should make sure to wash your hands again after taking them off or after disposal. The system is also suitable for project management and advanced training in companies and public authorities. Further information on the possibility of applying for corona emergency measures for research projects that have already been extended in a cost-neutral manner as well as on the cost-neutral extension following corona emergency measures can be found here. A repetition is possible if a compensatory examination was successfully passed, but the module component examination is not passed as a whole as a consequence of the unsuccessful first attempt (prior to 12 March 2020). All names of external service providers and the dates of their work at JLU must be recorded by the contractor and communicated to the responsible caretakers. Until then, we ask for your patience. It also applies to conferences organised by JLU at other locations. If the tasks and activities that you perform are not suitable for working from home / mobile working, overtime and flexitime hours must be used to balance this situation. Therefore, prior to placing an order on your own responsibility, please contact the Procurement and Materials Management, e.g. Information by the 'Unfallkasse Hessen' on insurance cover for helpers during the corona crisis. or school by the respective authority in order to prevent the spread of infections or transmissible diseases in response to the spread of the corona virus, or restricted regular operation for this reason, - Children affected by the closure or the restricted regular operation have not yet reached the age of 12 years or they depend on assistance due to physical, mental or psychological disability (no age limit in the case of disability), - There is no possibility for the employee with custody rights to ensure care by working from home, mobile working, reducing overtime or flexitime hours or by taking up holiday from the 2019 calendar year. It must be ensured that the company or institution adheres to the specifications and recommendations of the RKI. Can the computers in the university library be used again? Based on a medical certificate that confirms the increased individual risk for a serious course of disease, the obligation to be present can be lifted. Freshers will receive their chip cards by mail. Previously approved leave cannot be withdrawn unilaterally by either the employer or the employee. There are 54 workspaces available. For persons who are proven to be infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and contact persons of category I with close contact ("higher" risk of infection) according to the RKI definition, the obligation to be present during the period of the isolation / quarantine (or the decision of the public health department, respectively) as ordered by the public health department is lifted. I commute a long distance and start/end my commute between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. We kindly ask that the time spent inside the buildings be kept as short as possible and that the distance regulations outside the buildings be strictly observed. The central student advisory service (ZSB, www.uni-giessen.de/studium/zsb) is of course available for students. Violating the regulations on wearing mouth-and-nose masks will be fined. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie sich. Detailed information on deliveries of goods and orders can be found at the FAQ section deliveries of goods / orders. Collecting this data is exclusively done in order to be able to trace infections. If you have any questions regarding the settlement of travel expenses as well as any cancellation fees that may be incurred, please contact the Financial Department via email ([email protected]) or call the person responsible in this regard.

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