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    Where operationally necessary or technical requirements are lacking, they still work at the university, but then in individual offices. The electronic lecture schedule commentary (ekvv) should be used to indicate whether the respective course (a) is taking place, (b) is being modified, or (c) has had to be cancelled. We would like to thank you all for tremendous cooperation and perseverance. The lecturers all want to return to direct communication with you in the seminar room, laboratory, or lecture hall as soon as possible. The government of North Rhine-Westphalia might also issue new regulations that could impact our operations. Based on the Corona Protection Ordinance, the following will apply starting today: From 16 December 20202 – 10 January 2021, in-person teaching may not be held, including any laboratory internships, sports practices, or presence-based examinations. We recommend that you put this contact information in your calendar so that you can quickly reference it if needed. A reassessment - based on the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute - has also been carried out for risk countries. Please use this service. We know that this was a very stressful time for everyone and that some restrictions were felt to be very burdensome. We also want to ensure that necessary research activities can take place on site. Moreover, in future, we also want to avoid as far as possible the extensive keeping of attendance lists by superiors in the individual areas of the university. It is also now possible to participate in external training courses, provided that hygienic measures have been instituted. Our common goal must be to carry on teaching our students during this time so that the semester is not completely lost, even though we are prevented from working with them directly in seminars and lectures. The 20 doctoral students, supported by ten visiting doctoral students [ from other Cameroonian universities or further African countries, are analysing medicinal plants that are used in traditional African medicine. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Dear colleagues. Social interaction is still subject to a high degree of uncertainty, especially in view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. We check the adjustment on the Diploma Supplement that graduates receive with their degree, so that the individual standard period of study can be issued there. Staff members in these areas are to work from Home Office as far as possible. Weitere Informationen zur UniCard in Bezug auf die aktuelle Corona-Situation finden Sie hier. 111 Bielefelder müssen aktuell im Zusammenhang mit Corona in den Krankenhäusern behandelt werden, 32 davon liegen auf der Intensivstation … On 31 January, the Rectorate of Bielefeld University issued first recommendations and directives that were updated on 27 February, 9 March, 13 March and 17 March. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the great commitment you have shown in overcoming this crisis. [email protected] Telefon +49 521 106-4192 Fax +49 521 106-154192 Büro UHG T0-169 − Lage-/Raumplan Sprechzeiten z.Zt. The authorities are acting here purely as a precautionary measure in order to exclude risks of further spread as far as possible. Es war zu erwarten, dass das Virus auch Deutschland erreicht. We trust you will understand the reasons for this. The government of North Rhine-Westphalia might also issue new regulations that could impact our operations. The online formats and tools developed and introduced in the summer semester can be used for online courses. By registering and entering university buildings, you consent to the processing of your data. Parts of the course conducted on-site will also be streamed or made available asynchronously for those who cannot attend in person. In addition, other forms of ‘distance learning’ can also be implemented. So far, the federal government has made no exceptions to this regulation that we know of. We want to thank you once again for your understanding and willingness to participate in the new (online) learning formats. +49 (0)521 52515-10 Fax. We will let you know when the face mask rule is no longer necessary. Die Behörden versuchen den Virus einzudämmen, das Risiko für eine Ausbreitung des Virus in Deutschland ist aber nach wie vor gering. The situation continues to evolve, requiring us at the university to continuously modify our response. Die Universität weitet sich räumlich weiter aus. We would like to thank you very much for the commitment and creativity you have already shown in the past weeks. The winter semester 2020/21 will also not take the form of the onsite semesters we were used to before the pandemic. The university canteen [Mensa], the Lokschuppen concert hall, the sports hall, and the Stadthalle city concert hall are to be used for this purpose. We hope you will understand this. This also applies to scientific conferences and similar events in attendance. According to Book V of the German Social Code (SGB), students must be insured or prove that they are exempt from compulsory health insurance. We cannot rule out the possibility that this may also have further consequences for us—going beyond the regulations regarding onsite teaching. The rationale behind this decision is the fact that our planning for presence on campus has been cautious from the very beginning. Technicians and administrators are to work from home to the extent possible until further notice. Depending on how the pandemic develops, it cannot be ruled out that changes to these policies might have to be made. The reasons for this are as varied as the measures must be to alleviate it. Can deadlines be adjusted for parents who are students and still have to look after their children at home in the coming weeks? Use the chat function and other digital means to communicate among yourselves. Accordingly, the information that was communicated to you last week remains in force (please see https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/themen/coronavirus/alle-mitteilungen/). A team headed by the chancellor will continue to assess the situation on a daily basis. Please remember to keep a distance of 1.5 m and to wear a mouth-and-nose covering in the building. The rationale behind this decision is the fact that our planning for presence on campus has been cautious from the very beginning. If it is not possible to perform work from home, the supervisor must first check whether the employee concerned can be temporarily assigned another suitable task. Quarantäne. There are increasing indications that the world will be different after the crisis, and … Important information for you: The state government has postponed the start of the semester, cancelled attendance courses and examinations until 19 April 2020, and is allowing oral examinations only in cases of hardship. ➔ Overview of all information and advisory services at Bielefeld. This is due to the current situation and unfortunately cannot be prevented for content-related and organizational reasons. At present, the faculties and responsible administrative units are planning teaching activities for the coming semester according to specific criteria with great commitment. A comprehensive hygiene protection concept for large examination formats is currently being developed with the local health authority. The AStA [Student Union] also provides a social fund to help students with living costs in this challenging time. eKVV News Corona-Registrierungen im Präsenzveranstaltungen - Wie geht das? To prevent rumours: the two had no direct contact with the infected person, currently show no symptoms and are not classified as suspected cases. Zellbiolog*innen der Universität Bielefeld haben nun mit mehreren Kooperationspartnern in einer Studie ein Verfahren entwickelt, das rund zehnmal schneller ein Ergebnis liefert. Teaching must continue to take place largely online. We would also like to remind you that you are not allowed to eat or drink in the University Hall, or in public spaces of university buildings (with the exception of the cafeteria). If you still have an intact student card, you can even simply validate it and continue using it. Mayor Pit Clausen has currently ruled out a lockdown for Bielefeld as well as special measures for people from the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf. We have created very comprehensive hygiene measures and safety regulations for working at the university. Social distancing rules also still apply. Please rest assured, we are working hard to improve conditions for you—always within the framework of the current hygiene and safety regulations. In particular, we have to comply with the new legal requirements of the state and federal government. Information on the UniCard and how you can order it easily can be found here: https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/unicard/. Bielefeld: Uni beteiligt sich an Projekt zum Stillverhalten von Müttern Jetzt live: Robert Koch-Institut informiert über die aktuelle Corona-Lage in Deutschland Start am 1. If possible, we want to avoid closing the university completely, because this would greatly jeopardize the success of work by students and academics as well as many projects. University faculties and responsible administrative units have been hard at work– and will continue their efforts – to plan and organize these hybrid teaching offerings. Changes might also have to be made in order to accommodate the special circumstances of instructors and/or students. We are already experiencing how teachers are using the opportunities provided by e-learning and how many of them also see that it offers new possibilities. The corona epidemic poses considerable challenges for society as a whole and also for the university. the issue of “black tiles” where participants turn off their video in online meetings). Students should make sure that their email address is registered and activated in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV). On the other hand, we see it as our mission to ensure that the university can continue to operate to the necessary extent—especially as this crisis will most likely continue for quite some time. All university sports events are cancelled. The coronavirus pandemic continues to severely restrict normal teaching routines despite the initial easing of restrictions. We hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable semester break despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers must also work from Home Office as a general rule. However, following our appeal of 22 October, we assume that hardly any courses will be held onsite that cannot also be conducted digitally. Forming groups of more than two people should continue to be avoided. Here we explain, At present, the most important information about the "digital summer semester" is currently being sent out by email. Basically, we would like to point out once again that a distance of 1.5 m must be maintained and a mouth-and-nose cover must be worn in the university building. One thing we know for sure: we will need many tutors and volunteer mentors who will make themselves available for individual or smaller groups of first-semester students. Even though there are not currently new governmental regulations for universities, the Rectorate of Bielefeld University has once again revisited its plans for the Winter Semester, which just recently went into session. funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), offers several PhD positions at Bielefeld University, starting on April 1, 2021, or earlier. Dezember, sollen in Bielefeld dann weitere 1200 Impfdosen zur … During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is it extremely important that student contact details are accurate, for example, in the event of contact tracing. The university library is also expanding its services. Further information is available at GO Out. This also applies particularly to the field of teaching and thus to one of our core tasks. It may only become necessary to link the registered ID numbers with contact details (name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address) of the relevant persons if a case of coronavirus occurs in one of the university buildings. Despite the lack of face-to-face teaching during the semester, students should be able to acquire credit points on a regular basis. The "Corona Order" of the Rectorate for Education and Teaching for the 20/21 winter semester can be found, The planning of courses in the faculties for the winter semester was based on the. If the situation in the city continues to worsen, or if we are confronted with the fact that people on campus are getting infected despite our hygiene and safety measures, we will of course revisit our plans and change them at short notice if need be. The administrations of all universities and universities of applied sciences are striving actively to achieve such solutions. Die Universität Bielefeld schließt bis zum 10. Nevertheless, students can be funded for an appropriate period of time beyond the maximum funding period, provided that the pandemic has caused unavoidable delays to their studies. All conferences and congresses planned at Bielefeld University for the summer semester are cancelled. Other university buildings will gradually be equipped with scanners as needed. Wir sind die Interessenvertretung der Studierendenschaft. Researchers, teachers, and administrative staff are not working on campus unless it is absolutely necessary. Gerhard Sagerer Prof. Dr Birgit Lütje-Klose, Rector Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching. Einen Tag später, am Montag, 28. The currently valid opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 6.45 to 20.00. Lectures and seminars will initially take place exclusively online or in ‘distance learning’. Paderborn/Bielefeld. digital tools) even under these difficult conditions. In addition to social distancing, a new measure has been introduced: effective immediately, face masks must also be worn in lecture halls and seminar rooms. Stay healthy and well, and we hope you have a good start to this Winter Semester despite the restrictions. Dezember zunächst nur zwischen 340 und 400 Impfdosen zur Verfügung stehen. The actual number of participants allowed inthe respective rooms depends on the size of the rooms and is specified in the, Each event requires a registration of names and, if appropriate, where they are seated so that the public health authorities can trace contacts if there is a suspicion that any participant may have or is suffering from a communicable notifiable disease (e.g. And these have proven to be effective. Die große Wohnküche ist der Mittelpunkt der WG. On the one hand, we assume responsibility for society as a whole and take the most far-reaching measures possible to try and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Bielefeld University is making every effort to set up secure conditions for also carrying out examinations in electronic form. That said, our goal is to enable as much on-site presence and interaction as is responsible and organizationally feasible for both students and staff. In addition to protecting against infection, the central strategy for containing the coronavirus pandemic remains having the ability to trace contact chains of infected persons. The buildings are closed to the general public. Bielefeld University. In the portal for first-semester students, there is a link titled that provides a list of opportunities for getting to know others (www.uni-bielefeld.de/start-ins-studium). In recent weeks, politicians have begun easing the restrictions put in place for the Coronavirus pandemic. Current information on the topic of academic course work and examinations in connection with the Coronavirus measures is available on the following page: The individual standard period of study has been extended by one semester, The standard period of study has been extended for students on leave of absence.

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