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    Ensured my port 5001 (https) port is OPEN in my router. network cameras. Now I want to manage it/save and load files with windows explorer. Access Synology NAS files via NFS on Raspberry Pi. has always needed Single Sign On and the User's access has been driven from that. In Surveillance Station 7.2.2 and above, Synology NAS is taken as an access control server communicating with AXIS A1001, so that all the access management operations can be conducted via the Surveillance Station interface. Have connected my Synology NAS and installed it. The issue was resolved by manually adding NAS user login credentials to Windows Credential Manager. 3. Tried the url yyyy.synology.me:5001 from an external source and it does not work . 1. Synology offers a very user friendly Network Attached Storage (NAS) device experience, but that doesn’t mean unboxing it and starting it up is exactly a one-click affair. I also have several Android tablets - they can access the NAS … I am trying to play with my Raspberry Pi and set it up so I could access particular folder on my Synology NAS. Let’s get things up and running so we can move onto all the fun projects a compact NAS … October 2016 Synology … I recently bought a Synology NAS. Synology NAS is designed to make storing and sharing files within your local network quick and simple, allowing you to directly access shared folders and files on the Synology NAS without going through the hassle of logging into DSM everytime. Hi! This is Web-based access via your browser. I am using a HP laptop with Windows 10 Home and suddenly over the last several days a Synology NAS cannot be accessed from the laptop. When I'm at home it works fine, but I can't access it outside our network (at school for example). 2. I went onto Control Panel -> Shared Folders -> NFS permissions, I added my Pi`s IP with read/write privilege. My enterprise IT experience (on company domain networks, mostly Windows AD, etc.) The most popular and easiest way to connect over the Internet or Local network inc. WiFi is using QuickConnect. It takes two steps to access your NAS. Google “QuickConnect” which will take you to https://quickconnect.to/ For example, our IP address is then in the browser we will type Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage your credentials > Windows Credentials; Click on Add a Windows credential and fill the credentials form. Access using Web browser with QuickConnect. Go to your browser and type the Synology assigned IP address with port number 5000. Someone told me about port forwarding, so I opened port 5000, but still I can't access it. But Windows explorer is in win 10 called file explorer and does not have the possibility to map an external drive any more. I configured CONTROL PANEL -> EXTERNAL ACCESS -> Defined my host name say yyyy.synology.me. Why AXIS A1001 Work Better with Surveillance Station AXIS A1001 is known as the network door controller. And finally, you can access your Synology NAS directly via PC without any router. Synology has a feature called QuickConnect, which allows you to connect to the NAS at home without using any IP addresses. Synology tell me the Windows user has to log into the NAS (DSM) to access it or to run any of the Synology apps, which is of course a real pain - very user unfriendly. I have two other PC in the house and both can access the Synology NAS. More information: The version of Windows 10 Home - 1803. Once you got the assigned IP address for your Synology Nas box, its time to access that.

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