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    Import and export of Russian military vehicles. Buy Russian army surplus (military canteens and KUNG shelters for army trucks.) With a foldable windscreen and completely foldable sidewalls, these were suitable for air transport by the military. The high off-road mobility is achieved by the typical tires with tractor profile and the variable tire pressure while driving. In the NVA (National People's Army), the engines were throttled to a maximum output of 128 kW (175 hp). All following technical data and data refer to the model Ural-375D from about 1966. This information supports the improvement of our website and our communication and keeps our offerings interesting and relevant. Czech classic car road-registration available. Find new & used Kamaz trucks for sale on South Africa's leading truck marketplace with the largest selection of Kamaz trucks for sale. Saved by Matt & Kate's Customs Today, Ural is still going strong at providing quality motorcycles with sidecars. The Red October model has a "Ural Retro" model sidecar frame which has a lower center of gravity. On the button ready to go, with V5. Additional equipment also included a 60-litre additional tank, hydraulics for lowering the spare wheel, heating for the driver's cab and additional seals for various drive components for deepwater passages. With a rope length of 65 m and a rope thickness of 17.5 mm, it was able to apply a maximum force of 70 kN. Functional cookies enable convenience functionalities, such as personalization of the site. 2002 Ural Star 750cc. [Part2]Cross-RC UC6 1/12 6X6 Military Off Road 6WD RC Tractor Kit Review - Duration: 2:35. Wholesale of Russian ammo boxes and ammunition crates. Our company is the official dealer of OJSC «Ural Automotive Plant — UralAZ». Model Patrol. Prototypes were given a ZIL-6E129 (ЗИЛ-6Э129) engine, which generates an output of 132 kW from a displacement of around 7 litres. Spares? A ZIL-375 (ЗИЛ-375) engine was used for the series vehicles. More. TruckScout24 and our partners make use of third-party cookies to display personalized advertisements on other websites. These advertisements are based on your browsing behavior, e.g. From 1965 to 1981 only Ural 375D were imported, a total of about 3700 vehicles. Description URAL Monster 6 x 6 DIESEL ( DIESEL) The URAL Monster 6 x 6 Diesel – mighty Ural 6×6, legendary of road reputation, locking diffs ( DIESEL) 5 speed box, central tyre inflation, just 17,000 kilometres from new. For sale - URAL 4320 6x6 Expedition Truck for a crew of 4 persons registered as motorhome in the Netherlands. £3,000 U.K. Road Registered Military spec Ural Star, This has been used on the military show circuit, and is prepared as a Russian Military motorcycle. Buy Eastern army vehicles on-line. NAMI also checked these trucks extensively and later confirmed that all planned design requirements were met. The aim was also to close the gap between the smaller ZIS-151 and the larger JaAZ-214 or KrAZ-214. Year 2017 . First-class Soviet cargo trucks and campers URAL-375D for sale. We make use of web analytics in order to better understand how visitors make use of TruckScout24. URAL-4320 and URAL-5557. We offer Czech military surplus equipment. Tanks, military vehicles, jeeps and trucks for sale at a good price. We source Russian, Czechoslovakian and East German classic cars for movies. Ural 4320, 375 Series 6x6 Trucks For Sale. You can change your preferences at any time by visiting our privacy page, which can be found here. In its capacities, it is very similar to ZIL-131 trucks and to KAMAZ-4310. Ural CNG. Request Price . Trike for sale Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 2003 ural 750cc boxer engine trike fully restored with complete rebuild Just to make sure everything is as it should be new gasket oil … We apply for import licences and export licences for material of war. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. Browse our inventory of new and used Military Trucks For Sale near you at TruckPaper.com. These ural truck are eco-friendly and can be used by kids of all ages. Contact seller. The Ural-375D has three rigid, permanently driven axles with large single tires and a lockable and releasable transfer case. These were given to the vehicle construction institute NAMI in Moscow with the order to develop corresponding test samples. Essential cookies are required for the operation of the website, e.g. The first ideas for developing an off-road military truck were already available in the Soviet Union in 1953. Special-purpose vehicle. It was also possible to order a gasoline-powered engine heater with an output of 17 kilowatts, which affects coolant and engine oil. Ural … The vehicle was built in various versions, whereby the most famous, the Ural-375D, also came to the GDR NVA in larger numbers. Trucks For Sale: 177 Trucks - Find Trucks on Commercial Truck Trader. More. Tractor unit. The wheel arrangement for the Ural-4320 was designed for transporting cargo, people and trailers on all types of roads and terrain. If you want to narrow the search results, please go back to the top of the page and use the "advanced search" option, then define the brand, model, price and/or location of the used trucks you are interested in. Having a lot of Soviet military surplus for sale, we offer Soviet T-55 tanks and T-34 tanks, Russian armoured vehicles BRDM-2 and BTR-60, Soviet heavy military trucks ZIL, GAZ, URAL, KRAZ and KAMAZ and recovery tanks VT-55. Special-purpose vehicle. Ural-4320 (Russian Урал-4320, the current spelling of the manufacturer is URAL-4320) is an all-wheel-drive Russian truck in hood handlebar design with the drive formula 6 × 6. We sell vintage Russian off-road vehicles UAZ-469, UAZ-31512, UAZ-452 and GAZ-69. GAZ-66 is a lighter 4x4 version of such trucks. 2020 Ural Gear-up Gobi Camo - Custom ordered Gobi Camo color scheme - Custom ordered with blacked out driveline - Bumper mounted LED sidecar spotlights - Fuel injection, triple disc brakes, hydraulic steering damper - Enduro bench seat, spare tire, rear rack, shovel, and jerr... 2020 Ural … The import officially began in 1969, and in fact some Ural 375s of the first version came to the GDR from 1964. We sell full range of such trucks as URAL 4320, 375, 375D, 43206, 5557, 55571 and their modifications. They are partners with you to drive down the operating costs, maximize uptime and keep drivers safe, alert and comfortable “Best truck in the world” Sort By. View our full range of Ural Motorcycles online at bikesales.com.au – Australia's number 1 motorbike classified website. We deliver deactivated deco Russian guns. You can find the imprint here. You are able to choose which cookies to accept on www.truckscout24.com. Ural trucks do not just perform. Series production of the trucks began in November 1960, with the first ten complete vehicles leaving the factory on January 31, 1961. Henderson, Nevada. Tracked and wheeled amphibious vehicles on sale (BV 202, BV 206, Sisu Nasu, ATS-59G and LUAZ-967). The Ural-375D was one of the standard vehicles of the Soviet Army and played an important role as a transport vehicle in various other armies of the former Eastern Bloc. Dimesions of a URAL-375D KUNG shelter box. We road-register army vehicles. We sell ex mod vehicles in the USA, the UK and Canada. By the late '50s, the company separated from the government. Dumper. Around the same time, the Ural-377, a civilian version without all-wheel drive, appeared. For those considering a very capable all terrain truck as the Ural inevitably the question of spares sourcing will come into play. It’s currently a bit busy. We ship military goods to Africa. They are suspended from leaf springs, at the rear as a Bogie double axle, i.e. Description adaptor to convert older type camshafts to m6 thread required for sovek electronic ignition systems. At that time, the Ministry of Defense formulated a whole series of criteria that the new vehicle had to meet. ADG Mobility has over the past couple of months tested 4×4 and 6×6 version of the URAL Next range of trucks at the Gerotek Vehicle Test Facility. The Ural NEXT truck is offered at optimal price and characterized by favorable cost of ownership if compared with domestic and foreign competitors. However, the vehicle used two of the engines. This was essential for survival in the event of breakdowns or accidents away from civilization. We are based in the Czech Republic. URAL 4320, 6x6 chassis truck sale advertisement from Lithuania. We act as advisors on military acquisitions. In addition to the standard version with platform and tarpaulin, the NVA also ran various special versions, including tank trucks such as the model AC-5.5-375 for 5500 l fuel or the Ural-375S and Ural-377S tractor units. All documents and functional samples went to Uralski Awtomobilny Zawod imeni Stalina (from 1961 Uralski Awtomobilny Sawod), where the final work was completed. In the end, only the version with three axes was approved for mass production. The ZIL-375 differs only slightly from the ZIL-6E129 in a different carburettor and a different engine setting; the ZIL-375 has the same nominal output of 132 kW (180 hp), but is significantly more elastic. All Rights reserved. Bike has 17000 Km (about 10000 miles) on it. Some versions also use special cables that can withstand extreme heat or cold. Please find more detailed information on cookie usage in our privacy policy, where you can modify your preferences at anytime. We act as war-material agents. Having a lot of Soviet military surplus for sale, we offer Soviet T-55 tanks and T-34 tanks, Russian armoured vehicles BRDM-2 and BTR-60, Soviet heavy military trucks ZIL, GAZ, URAL, KRAZ and KAMAZ and recovery tanks VT-55. If you want to explore the fascinating ranges of these ural truck , you must visit Alibaba.com as it boasts of some of the finest kids' products and accessories. Dumper. 1-12 of 12. There wasn't a strong need and they began adding models for the commercial market. Splendid Russian diesel URAL-4320 trucks and campers for sale. Sale and rental of vintage Soviet army vehicles for filming purposes. It was widespread in the CMEA area and classed below the KrAZ-255. Changes from the previous model include new engine, enlarged bonnet plus revised fuel, cooling and electrical systems were introduced at the same time along with many other detail modifications. It is in great condition and always kept garaged and maintained. FR 1/1978 . The Ural-4320 is a general purpose off-road 6x6 vehicle, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant in Miass, Russia for use in the Russian army. for technical or security reasons. Since the IFA G5 was discontinued, the Urals quickly developed into the standard vehicle for many different tasks. Find the best deals today! We are a Russian army shop in the EU. If you are interested in buying URAL trucks (price, modifications, conditions) — contact us please! Until 1964, only Ural-375 vehicles were built that still had a canvas weather roof as roof. Price: price on request. Buy Soviet WWII classic cars GAZ-67, GAZ AA and BA 64. The NAMI-020 was built until 1956 under the direction of the engineer M. I. Korotonoschko. We procure armoured vehicles, trucks and tanks for our clients and film-makers. The Ural-375 (Russian Урал-375) is a four-wheel-drive Soviet truck with a bonnet handlebar design with the drive formula 6 × 6, which was manufactured in the Uralsky Avomobilny Zawod.

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