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    Schloss Hohenheim 1, 70599 Stuttgart. The information about the admissions procedure for bachelor study programs has now been adapted in accordance with the corona guidelines. Consulting Training Tools and Services Projects You need to write something about research data management in a project proposal? uni-stuttgart.de/io Dear international students, Welcome to the University of Stuttgart. Thank you for your support and your flexibility during this special time. 1a IfSG does not apply during holidays. If you have any alternative event ideas or if you want to register for our newsletter please contact us via e-mail. We would like to recommend that you check whether you need an appointment to register at the Bürgerbüro. If a child is ill and cannot attend emergency childcare for that reason, parents have no right to claim compensation in accordance with § 56 para. The Robert Koch Institute continuously informs about the current COVID-19 situation in Germany and regularly publishes information sheets with instructions for affected patients: The International Office at the IZ is closed until further notice, but we are happy to answer your requests via e-mail or telephone. Detailed information about the new opening hours and what to look for when visiting the UB can be found in the FAQs about the University Library. These employees shall be given priority for teleworking or mobile work, as far as this is possible in the workplace. Otherwise, these nonrefundable costs can be claimed by submitting the relevant proof and a travel expenses form. Civil servants must be allowed to telecommute or work from home – wherever possible. The University of Stuttgart will implement this new regulation as follows: The changes to the State University Law from 24th June 2020 specify that the standard period of study for all students who are enrolled at university in the summer semester 2020 will be extended by one semester. We will certainly have to make some improvements and improvise in the coming weeks. they have a job where they must be on-site and cannot work from home and are therefore essential. Therefore, we ask you to use the existing masks sparingly and to note that organizational measures (such as ensuring sufficient safety distances) and technical measures (such as workplace design, home office) must be checked before personal measures are taken. According to the MWK, the university and state libraries will remain open in November, subject to special protective measures, in order to continue to facilitate scientific work. The Rectorate has approved changes to the SARS-CoV-2 hygiene concept of the University of Stuttgart. The affected institute/facility must prepare an acceptance arrangement. In this case, they are offering vouchers instead of refunds. If you have any questions about using office or workspaces, please ask your supervisor and the Safety Department. As soon as we will receive specific information from the state government, we will inform you on our Corona website. The lecture period for the summer semester 2021 has been moved back one week: April 19, 2021 – July 24, 2021. Corona aids (Studierendenwerk Stuttgart) Application due to financial hardship that has arisen through no fault of your own and after you began studying: Please be aware: before you submit your application, you must have already exhausted all other financial support options; primarily, the corona assistance funds (Corona Aids). Due to the current corona crisis, the treasury has to decided, that in order to ease the implementation of organizational measures (e.g. I receive BaföG funding, will I be disadvantaged by the cancellation of examinations? This process enables you to send the image or the scan of the signed employment contract by e-mail to the person responsible. An audience is not permitted. From the ministry's perspective, these include in particular examinations, laboratory internships and practical training components. We will otherwise be unable to respond to your query. Corona Guidelines from the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts. Please bring the necessary documents (copy of your passport/identity card and the registration form) with you. The daily creditable working time is extended to Monday to Saturday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hygienekonzept. How can I find out about further developments at the university? If this is also negative then it is possible to return to work, therefore in most cases after a week. Students whose examinations regulations specify an optional trial examination rule may also make use of this rule in the summer semester 2020 and in the winter semester 2020/21, even if the number of semesters they have studied is one semester more than the standard maximum study period specified in the examination regulations, by when the required ECTS credits must usually be achieved. If you or a colleague catch corona, if you think you might have corona, or if you are named as a contact person for someone who has tested positive, you can find recommendations and suggestions for what to do in the table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona”. This can lead to the fact that employees of the University of Stuttgart are sometimes unavailable. This makes a significant contribution to being able to comply with the centrally important distance rules at the university. In order to reduce the risk of infection, in association with the examinations (i.e. Studieren in Zeiten von Corona. You must submit the e-mails with the order (including invoice) and send this to the accounting department. The university has updated the hygiene concept. In order to get this pandemic under control, we had to take strict measures in the last few months. Please note the extended enrollment deadline for Master’s programs: Please remember to update your address in the C@MPUS portal to your German address. Please inform the International Office if you get tested positiv for COVID19. The quarantine lasts for 14 calendar days or, usually, 10 working days. Employees who have stayed in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark or Luxembourg within the last 14 days must stay at home for 14 days from the time they left the area. This means that there is currently no one in the Akaflieg workshop and your phone calls will not be answered. How do I access to business e-mail and set up e-mail clients? On the freely accessible grounds of the University of Stuttgart, on the other hand, the general public is of course also allowed to move around, provided that people comply with federal and state regulations regarding distance rules etc. The required certified copies must be submitted after entry. If you need additional support when it comes to studying, we recommend that you check out the Learning Counseling. The following are new FAQs for students and perspective students on the topics: For employees and students the University of Stuttgart has set up an area for digital teaching in ILIAS [de] for the summer semester 2020. Due to the decisions of the Federal Government and the Minister-Presidents on the Corona Pandemic from October 28, as well as from the information from the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts that has not yet been officially released today, we must assume that presence teaching at the start of the 2020/21 winter semester may be very limited next Monday. Where can international students find information on the current situation? Can oral examinations be held via video conference? Only the period during which work can be performed in the home office or on site is extended - in particular to enable alternating childcare by parents. FAQ about exam dates in the summer semester. Hier findet ihr viele Angebote der Kultureinrichtungen in Stuttgart. Guidelines for written examinations, V1/30.04.2020, General risk assessments in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Specialist (online) shops selling protective equipment, sample risk assessment and process description for practical courses, hygiene concept for the University of Stuttgart, special paid leave for parents who need to care for their children (, enrollment, student status, fees and contributions, SARS-CoV-2 work safety standards by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), Information on conducting oral examinations via video conference, Information especially for international students, circular mail to mark the start of the summer semester 2020, ILIAS Forum Digital Teaching in the summer semester 2020, information on accessible online teaching, websites that contain reliable information on the Corona topic in English, the replacement dates of the cancelled examinations, who may take part in the replacement examinations, re-registration when only examinations that have been cancelled due to the coronavirus have to be taken to complete the degree, Up-to-date information on booking lecture halls [de], General information on lecture recording with Opencast [de], information on how to register for a thesis in cases where the required ECTS credits have not yet been achieved due to corona cancellations of examinations, Corona-Decree of the Federal State Government of Baden-Württemberg [de], guidelines and regulations for the secure working mobile and from home [de], Enrollment for Master’s study programs in the case of conditional admission, Refund of fees in the case of unenrollment for up to one month after the beginning of the lecture period. stuvus collects and answers questions in German and English on weekdays in connection with the corona pandemic and student life. Official closure of schools or childcare facilities. The State of Baden-Württemberg’s Corona Guidelines has deemed it necessary to ban certain people from accessing the university premises or taking part in university events. Mehr als 264.000 Personen sind bereits mit einer Infektion gestorben. This can be achieved by forwarding the business telephone. Practical events approved by the Committee for Student Affairs and Teaching must also be submitted to the rectorate. As soon as it is confirmed that an event has been cancelled, the relevant business trip counts as ended and must be invoiced accordingly. STUBE invites you to interesting seminars on global issues, currently in a webinar form. Here you can find the current newsticker, FAQs, our Corona guidelines and hygiene concept, the valid Corona statute regarding examination regulations, in addition to information about the application process, the registration of exams, and the procedures for leaves of absence and financial aid. Oral presentations that are part of term papers and final theses and seminars, the point pertaining to oral examinations being held via video conference and about who may be present also apply here. More information. Because the pandemic is escalating at different rates and times around the world, we have assessed that the risks remain too high to provide reliable conditions of study and ensure the health of your students. Please refer to the websites of the City of Stuttgart for further information [de]. You must clarify with your supervisor in advance if you can take 10 additional days holiday, or if it is possible to work from home or use up any overtime to cover the ten days in entirety or in part, or if it is possible to take unpaid leave. You can find more detailed information about this in the FAQ about the sport entrance exam. This means for the University of Stuttgart: The university therefore asks you to avoid being present on campus or in the university buildings in November and to come to the university only in urgent cases. I'm currently in Germany and I applied for an extension of my residence permit before the lockdown but have not received it yet. Reisebüro Reeg recommends that you do not do this, because it can quickly cause chaos when the money is refunded.It may be the case, that some airlines contact the passenger directly (primarily the low-cost airlines such as Eurowings, Easyjet, Ryanair etc.). Oral presentations in the context of student research projects and final theses; the restrictions on oral examinations via video conference and on the circle of participants apply accordingly. The government of Baden-Württemberg has extended the Corona measures for universities until May 10, 2020. All changes to the previous version can be found clearly in the change history starting on page 2. When do the access and participation bans apply in examinations and teaching events? In order to be able to face the diverse challenges in the best possible way, a high degree of flexibility is required from all of us. The current begin of the examinations, organized centrally by the Examination Office, has to be postponed from 4 May to 11 May. In preparation for the summer semester 2020 with digital teaching, teaching staff at the University of Stuttgart can now book lecture halls and record their lectures. zu streamen, solange Sie per VPN verbunden sind. We also postponed the beginning of our flying season 2020. If employees must continue to care for their children themselves at home, because there is no alternative childcare available, then they are permitted to use up their flexitime and holidays, as long as there is no work-related reasons why this is not feasible. The hygiene concept documents will be uploaded on April 29, 2020. "Lecture-free-period": current courses and events will be cancelled until April 19, 2020! Under no circumstances may the university be visited. In Stuttgart this is the Ausländerbehörde or Bürgerbüro [de]. http://www.digitalesammlung.zeppelin-museum.de/collection.php, https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/classic/museum/visitor-information/. Term papers and final theses that require the use of a special laboratory or workspace at the university. Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, thanks all members of the university for their commitment over the past months in a letter. Xanat Herrera from Spain is studying computer linguistics in Stuttgart. PUMA RSS feed for /user/ipvs-sc/corona. Your supervisor must determine whether any colleagues of the affected person are contact persons in category I or category II, and whether the colleagues in categories I and II must be sent home. This means that all access doors to buildings are basically locked. The updated corona guidelines (status July 9, version 2.0) include new regulations for the following areas: The relevant FAQs have been altered in accordance with the new Corona Guidelines. I'm a new student with a visa for Germany. The Corona pandemic has disrupted the plans of many of us. This compensation currently amounts to 67% of the loss of earnings incurred, up to a maximum of 2,016 € per month for a maximum of 6 weeks. The Rectorate at the University of Stuttgart has taken the decision to extend the mandatory use of face masks to cover not only all corridors and transitional spaces in university buildings, but also all university premises outside of the buildings. People who have spent less than 48 hours in a high-risk area abroad (e.g. Zahlreiche Formulare finden Sie direkt in C@MPUS. Dezember 2020: Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona-Verordnung des Landes Baden-Württemberg müssen alle Bibliotheken ab dem 16. Please inform yourself about the person in charge and send an e-mail to the responsible colleague. Please send the required documents and proofs as attachments. How can I submit my enrollment documents? Rectorate’s decision on temporary recommendations on working from home. What about the meetings of the Faculty Councils, Senate Committees and Appointments Committees? This applies in particular on the basis of the existing travel advice for business trips abroad. What special rules apply to employees in this case? Your supervisor will insist that you work from home until the suspected corona case is confirmed, or you test negative. Due to the dynamically developing corona situation in Baden-Württemberg and Stuttgart, and in accordance with the Federal and state resolution from 28.10.2020, the University of Stuttgart … At this online event, everyone can bring their own ideas about how to improve digitalization at the University of Stuttgart. I pay tuition fees for international students or for a second degree. Regulations about storing budgeting, cash policies and accounting information remain unchanged. All information on this Corona webpage ist relevant for international students. If the graduation ceremony where you receive your certificate is cancelled, this will be sent to you personally by the examination office. Username: ac*****@uni-stuttgart.de; Passwort: Ihr persönliches Passwort Um eine unnötige Datenlast zu vermeiden, bitten wir davon abzusehen, Videos o.ä. In special cases, international students can apply to be exempted from the tuition fees of EUR 1.500. If in any way possible, employees with childcare conflicts must be permitted to telecommute or to work from home. The Student Services Stuttgart has added some FAQs regarding Student Services housing [de] on their webpage. The university management would like to thank all those who are currently working hard to ensure that the university will be as busy as possible during the 2020 summer semester. The Occupational Medical Service advises against using them too often. The email must include: the name of the affected person, date the illness was determined and the residence of the ill person. We offer support and guidance on formalities for newly arrived international students: Every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs. Will oral and written examinations take place on-site? Which examination deadlines will be extended as a result of this? Inzwischen studiert sie Architektur und Stadtplanung an der Universität Stuttgart: „Wäre Corona nicht gewesen, hätte ich mich nicht getraut, den Weg des Studiums zu gehen.“ I need to care for a close relative or partner. Currently, the following regulation regarding exemption possibilities due to these closures by order of the state government is valid until April 19. I have been in contact with someone who has now tested positive for the corona virus. Oktober 2020 [email protected]. The TIK has published information on its web page about event recordings, giving tips for a successful recording and offering support. Can I unenroll with immediate effect? The Ministry of Finance has to decided, that in order to ease the implementation of organizational measures (e.g. The 2020 summer semester took place online for all students. Please make sure your mailbox is clearly labelled with your full name! Corona-Situation in the Department of Computer Science. If you need help you can check the guideline. The original document must be sent by post to the Division 4 – Personnel and Legal Affairs. The maximum period that this compensation will be paid for is currently six weeks (12 weeks for single parents). Students who have already been given a deadline extension of one semester, due to the cancellation of examinations in the winter semester, will also be permitted a further extension of one semester. The university management has prohibited events with more than 100 people in a closed room until further notice. during the corona crisis) and information about the student council’s current activities. The state’s Public Health Department has calculated a 7-day incidence of around 80 for the state capital. Exceptions are only possible e.g. All events that have so far been planned in attendance can only take place online in November, apart from the defined exceptions such as for internships. It should also be possible to take annual leave in 2021 in the current difficult situation. Everyone is welcome to pose questions or formulate ideas, which can then be answered or discussed by the other participants. Sliding images on the homepage and posters with the slogan "Healthy. In case you are in a financial emergency, we are happy to consult with you via video call or on the phone. However, the situation can change daily. We would like to remind all lecturers once again about the established ILIAS Forum Digital Teaching in the summer semester 2020 [de]. The most important points are as follows: The guidelines also provide more concrete information about data processing for university operations. Information on examinations, studies, digital teaching, enrolment, work organisation and childcare. Applications for special leave and compensation must include the name/names of the child/children that require care, their birth date(s), a detailed description of the current childcare situation and the relevant days when compensation is required, with the necessary approval from your supervisor to the responsible person in the Tariff Department. Konstantinos Stergiaropoulos and Gunnar Grün join the … Oral state exams for students enrolled in teaching degrees for teaching at high school level. You or your doctor must inform the Health Department. All tickets bought via Reisebüro Reeg can only be refunded via Reisebüro Reeg. 62. The Ministry of Science has already informed the university, that it is expected that the ban on onsite teaching will be extended once more after the Christmas holidays. Thus,the corona pandemic did not have a negative, but rather a more positive impact on the importance that companies place on energy efficiency. Contact Dezernat Internationales. We are constantly updating the FAQs. You are not permitted to come to work until you have the corona test result. Where appropriate, please clarify the quarantine rules with your supervisors from home. Extended flexitime regulations will follow shortly. Topics include: Further information on financing possibilities in the Corona crisis such as emergency funds and bridging assistance can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk [de]. Please refer to the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. I´m a new student with a visa for Germany. In addition to these guidelines, the habilitation process may only be held if the current version of the Corona Guidelines is complied with at all times, this is to help prevent the virus spreading.

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