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    These 125cc machines will exactly hit the 11kW (14.7 hp) maximum power limit for learner-legal bikes at 10,000rpm. Yamaha R25 as the oldest one has lowest power compared to the other two, but for the acceleration, R25 is not that behind. MILEAGE & TOP SPEED. Maximum Torque -11.7 Nm @ 7700 rpm. - Dimensions & seating position: Kawasaki Z125 is a mini standard bike that is suitable for short people. It is the smallest capacity bike from the Ninja family. But, it does not mean that normal people can not ride it. Kawasaki Bikes, Motocycles and Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh 2020 | BDPrice.com.bd. Anyways, this is just about as fast as I could get it! ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - Kawasaki equipped a fuel-injected system for better performance and Z125 claim a decent fuel economy around 45 km/l. Yo!Just like the title says, ninja 250 top speed! 805 mm (31.7 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Kawasaki Ninja 125 ABS bike has used the 125 cc engine, which is Single cylinder, SOHC 2 Valve Engine. Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) ~ Yes Kawasaki Intelligent ABS (KIBS) ~ Yes Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS) ~ Yes. Top speed 115 km/h (73 mph) CARBURETION SYSTEM Type Fuel injection, 1 x 28 mm ID DRIVE TRAIN Clutch Wet, multi-plate, cable operated Transmission Digital Number Plate. TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS. As for this 125 cc bike have high rpm so possible to hit top-speed 115 km/h. Weight-148 kg. Editing done with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE Plus model is a Sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki . Aprilia RS 125 is a great all-round 125cc bike that comes from a premium brand. 120 km/h: Maximum Power: 15 HP @ 10000 rpm: Maximum Torque: 11.7 Nm @ 7700 rpm: Weight. The bike looks aggressive and the ride position is also slightly dedicated with the rear pegs set. Kawasaki Z125 is an entry-level naked streetfighter from the Japanese brand. I went over 100 mph and got to red line in 6th gear. In this version sold from year 2020 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 9.52 HP (6.9 kW)) @ 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 9.60 Nm (1.0 kgf-m or 7.1 ft.lbs) @ 7500 RPM . Kenan Sofuoglu is the 4 time world champion of World Supersport series Kawasaki previously recorded a top speed of 380 kmph on the H2R For all good that can happen to motorcycles, the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R was unveiled in 2014 boasting of 300 horses under its belly, while its closest rivals are still in the vicinity of 200. ... 174 km/h Top speed on Racelogic: 162,2 km/h Fuel Consumption: 25,5 km/L. Kawasaki Ninja 125 is expected to deliver a mileage figure of around 45 kmpl. I have a two brothers exhaust, not sure if that would really make a difference because its only slip on but i figured i'd mention it! Color- White Dust. Kawasaki Ninja 125 Price, Specs, Features, Mileage, Images, Top Speed. And the engine is mated with a six-speed transmission gearbox. Aprilia RS 125 Price in 2020, Specs, Features, Mileage, Top Speed. The top speed of the bike is 120 kilometers per hour. Maximum Power -15 HP @ 10000 rpm. Both bikes are equipped with an EFI engine and liquid-cooled system. Its maximum power is 36.54 kW (49 BHP) @ 10,000 RPM and the maximum torque is 38 NM @ 8,000 RPM. Aprilia RS 125 is a small capacity 125cc Supersport bike from the Italian brand. While the Ninja 125 will … The Kawasaki Ninja 125 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki . torque 11,7 Nm (1,2 kgm) / 7700 rpm 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) 13,0 sec. Contact US. Kawasaki Ninja 125 is an entry-level faired motorcycle offered by the brand. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 125 Drivetrain It's got plenty of top-end for toodling around town, but motorway work will be a dicey proposition since you'll have very little power reserve to call upon. Yamaha R15 v3 is the fuel efficient one with a claimed mileage of 0 kmpl while the claimed figure for Kawasaki Ninja 125 is 0 Kmpl. So, find out the price, specs, features, colors, images, & top speed of Ninja 125 here. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 125 TOP SPEED - First Test Ride - YouTube Kawasaki Ninja 125 Price. 148 kg: Mileage: 45 Kmpl: Cooling: Liquid Cooled Kawasaki Ninja 125, 2020 Edition, Dual Chanel ABS and its one of the best ABS in BD. 2020 Kawasaki Z125, Price, Specs, Features, Mileage, Top Speed, Images. Just like the title says, ninja 250 top speed! Proverbs, the Kawasaki Z125 borrows the cues design of the Z250SL which is essentially a nude version of the 125 ninja. Ninja 125 is sold in a limited number of countries only. power 15,0 hp (11,0 kW) / 10000 rpm Max. Kawasaki Ninja 125 top speed is 120 kmph (approximate). Mileage ~ 25 km/l 0-100 km/h ~ 6 secs Top Speed ~ 190 km/h. Yo! The fact that the Kawasaki Ninja H2R was born to break records and push limits way beyond the borders known to man is no secret, so learning that Kenan Sofuoglu wants to reach 400 km/h … The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a "supercharged supersport" class motorcycle in the Ninja sportbike series, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, featuring a variable-speed centrifugal-type supercharger. Kawasaki Z125 can burn out 15 bhp maximum power at 10,000 rpm and can reach the top speed of 123 km/h. Like i said in the video, sure if you had a super long straight road that was down hill you may be able to get it to 110 or 115 mph but it would take forever and you would probably have to go past red line. Compared to the competition, the Ninja 125 will be slightly heavier than the rest in the playroom. Watch as Kenan Sofuoglu rides the Kawasaki Ninja H2R into the history books, clocking a top speed of 400 km/h (248.6 mph) in a mere 26 seconds. Kawasaki Ninja 125 Engine & Gearbox. Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Offset laydown single-shock with adjustable preload, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, 9.60 Nm (1.0 kgf-m or 7.1 ft.lbs) @ 7500 RPM, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency. There are 3 biggest players in 2 cylinders 250cc class sportbike; Yamaha R25, Kawasaki Ninja 250, and Honda CBR250RR. Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, DOHC: Top Speed. We always knew that the H2R was going to be capable … The 6-speed manual gear has been used on this bike. even with the extra torque I had a hard time redlining it in 6th gear!Thanks for watching! Stock tire sizes are 100/90-12 on the front, and 120/70-12 on the rear. Change consent 2020 Zanella Patagonian Eagle 350 Chopper, - Ducati Panigale 1299 R Final Edition (2019). Engine Description ~ 125 cc, Single Cylinder Engine, Fuel Injection, Liquid Cooled, BS6 Engine With this drive-train, the Kawasaki Ninja 125 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of  . Kawasaki Ninja 125 is expected to be priced around INR 1.60 lakh in India (ex-showroom). Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Price. In this version sold from year 2019 , the dry weight is  and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. The Kawasaki Ninja 125 looks identical to the full 250sl ninja with a single headlamp cluster, full and angular design. Kawasaki Ninja 125 Vs Yamaha R15 v3 Kawasaki Ninja 125 vs Yamaha R15 v3: Kawasaki Ninja 125 is priced at Tk 499000 while Yamaha R15 v3 is the costlier one priced at Tk 525000.Both bikes brand origin is Japan. Top Speed-120 km/h. Kawasaki Ninja 125 Key Specifications; Engine. As for stopping power, the Kawasaki Ninja 125 braking system includes Double disc size 200 mm (7.9 inches) at the front and Single disc size 185 mm (7.3 inches) at the rear. Not a single scratch. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 9.52 HP (6.9 kW)) @ 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 9.60 Nm (1.0 kgf-m or 7.1 ft.lbs) @ 7500 RPM . The 6-speed manual gear has been used on this bike. This also happens to be the case for all the Ninjas in Kawasaki’s lineup. 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 125 Rumors. The video shows a very skilled Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R rider that rolls on the Autobahn with 300 kmph when it is passed effortless by what seems to … In this version sold from year 2019 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the Kawasaki Ninja 125 have a  frame with front suspension being Inverted fork and in the rear suspension it is equiped with Offset laydown single-shock with adjustable preload . Sure its not as fast as a zx6r or a zx10r but that's just it, its only a beginner 250! ENGINE & GEARBOX Where Duke can 14.5 bhp maximum power at 9500 rpm and the top speed of this bike is 125 km/h. Motorcycles. 125 cm³ (7,6 cu in) Compression ratio 11.7:1 Valve train Chain driven DOHC, 4 valves Max. Also I have a 1 tooth larger rear sprocket which adds torque to my bike. Top Speed: 105 mph (est) Details: ... Motorcycles / Kawasaki / Kawasaki Ninja / 125-400cc / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / Sportsbikes. Engine -Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, DOHC. About - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R price is expected to be around Rs 8 lakh (ex-showroom). In terms of performance, the 125cc sports bike is expected to accelerate from 0-100 kmph in around 13.0 seconds. Next: The Kawasaki H2R Hits 400 Km/h! It is one of the best looking bikes in its segment. Fully Fresh Condition. Top Speed ~ 120+ km/h. ... Top Speed: 80 mph / 129 km/h (average) Economy: 90 mpg / 3.1 L/100km (very good) Range: 220 miles / … The top speed of the bike is 190 kilometers per hour. Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS bike has used the 125 cc engine, which is Single cylinder, SOHC 2 Valve Engine. Its maximum power is 11.19 kW (15 BHP) @ 10,000 RPM and the maximum torque is 11.7 NM @ 6,000 RPM. COnsists of the four-speed gearbox, the top speed of the bike Kawasaki Z125 would not less than 100 km per hour. The Kawasaki Ninja 125 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki . 125 cc (Air-cooled) Top Speed: 110 Km/h (Approx) Mileage: 45 Km/l (Approx) Price: 1,34,950 BDT I went over 100 mph and got to red line in 6th gear. Ride safe!Rate, Comment, Subscribe!__________________________________________________Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StreetBikesForeverFollow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StreetBikesEverYouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/StreetBikesForeverRecorded with a GoPro HD Hero 2 Helmet Camera Motor Sports Edition at 720p 60 fps with an external mic. Top Speed: 125 km/h: 122 km/h: 120 km/h: Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 liters: 14.5 liters: 11 L: Mileage: 40 km/l: 35 km/l: 42 km/l: Kerb Weight: 154 kg: 134kg: 148 kg: Length: 1978 mm: 1953 mm: 1935 mm: Width: 688 mm: 740 mm: 685 mm: Height: 834 mm: N/A: 1075 mm: Wheelbase: 1340±15 mm: N/A: 1330 mm: Ground Clearance: 178 mm: 135mm: 170 mm: Seat height: 820 mm: 820 mm: 785 … It shares its major hardware components with its fully-faired sibling the Ninja 125 and also it is the smallest bike in the Z series of Kawasaki. The Kawasaki Ninja 125 is a learner friendly sports bike and is powered by a liquid cooled 125 cc single cylinder engine which makes 14.8 bhp at 10,000 rpm and maximum torque at 7,700 rpm.

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