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    With loads of different makes and models, youre sure to find the perfect classic car for you. Great British classic car drives. we will contact you at the time you have asked for. In order to view, simply drive into the ‘Cinema’ area on-site before the film is due to start and enjoy! track. It's harking back to an era when you really had to drive these great Mustang rental deals! General release will go on sale on 14th August (10am). Location: Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX27 8AL. If you wish to add another experience and would like it delivered by post, please place a separate order for that item. It's like you're driving Dom's signature car on this Dodge ... Go cruisin' in your 'stang with track day? All Morris Minor Convertible Driven. 4043759 Registered Address: 2 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7PD. You have selected the current hour of the day which means that you will be contacted at this time next week. Ready to get behind the wheel of a vintage car … Looks just like Dom's famous supercharged Dodge, Choose between a three and six-mile drive, Best value vintage car hire & drive packages, Drive on a self-guided tour in a classic car, Full fleet of classic cars for you to choose from, Fill all available seats in the car at no extra cost, Drive classic Jaguars out on the open road, Cover 100 miles+ on a round trip from Redditch, A cross country rally completed in stages, Take turns in driving the different Jaguars, Get behind the wheel of a true American classic, A choice of private circuits around the UK, Experience this old school V8, 500bhp Mustang, Drive a classic MK 1 Ford Escort RS on the track, This is just like the Escort from Fast & Furious 6, Experience an icon of the 1970s rally world, Lots of locations around the UK to choose from, Drive an evocation Mk I Ford Lotus Cortina, Available at a variety of circuits nationwide, Just like Jim Clark's championship-winning car, Available at a selection of tracks nationwide, Drive a beautiful tribute Aston Martin DB5, Just like the iconic Bond car from Goldfinger, Choose a three or six-mile driving experience. It’s been organised by Brand Events, who have a number of automotive successes under their belt including the London Classic Car Show, Top Gear Live, CarFest, as well as a new series of Drive and Dine events. Three miles in each car chosen. in a classic car? In this range, there are loads of classic cars of various ages, so you can be sure to find a model from your favourite era. We have been receiving a lot of enquiries so have put together the guidance below to ensure you stay within the law as you take your classic car out again. Classic Car Experiences Go back in time to car manufacturings Golden Era with a classic car driving experience. Explore our website to discover what you can drive. This is a Dodge Charger drive with a difference - ... Meet the Mustang Shelby Fastback - and maybe the Jag ... Drive a vintage Mustang and feel like you're cruising those ... Drive a Mini Cooper! Where and when will the ULEZ apply? The Classic Car Drive In will be fully COVID-19 compliant, and to get in, you’ll have to pre-book online. Can I invite a passenger to come and join Enjoy the luxury – and the speed – of putting not one but three classic cars through their paces; the E-type Jaguar, Aston Martin DB4 and Lotus Cortina. : Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX27 8AL, Classic car enthusiasts can finally be united for the. BookAclassic offers self drive classic car rental, super car and sports car hire throughout the country. about racing? Everyone loves a classic car. Audi Cabriolet. Can I choose which classic cars I want to With our instant online quote system, compare hire … Once called "the most beautiful car ever made" by Enzo Ferrari, the 1960s Jaguar E-Type is a classic sports car mainstay. Find cheap, affordable, and iconic classic car rental on BookAclassic. You can browse the full list of participating clubs on theclassiccarshowuk.com. hire packages? It is possible there are more switches on the steering wheel of most modern road cars than ... Large capacity engines placed into a relatively small chassis rarely fail to deliver anything other than a compelling driving experience and . Drive a Steve McQueen-style Bullitt Mustang, Experience takes place at Bovingdon Airfield track, Enjoy 4/8 driving laps of this replica movie car, Includes sighting laps in hot hatch as a passenger, Drive an Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang classic, Just like the car featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. Our classic car driving experiences are for the real car connoisseurs among you! The Classic Car Drive In Weekend is truly a celebration of everything Classic, with more than 500 cars on display, 25 of the UK’s leading Car Clubs, top dealers, a live auction courtesy of Bonhams MPH, Classic Car Parades and track demonstrations along with a host of car related traders and retailers. Is lunch included on full day road Due to COVID-19, tickets have to be obtained by registering to The Classic Car Drive in Weekend newsletter and following the appropriate links to purchase. Initially, the ULEZ will cover the same area as the existing … motoring aids like ABS and power steering, but there's something It's 580bhp, 8.0l of V8 power in this Chevvy! Your chance to drive an Aston Martin DB5! Bicester Heritage has become a staple setting for classic car events. , collector or classic enthusiast - this isn’t an event to be missed! Are these classic car experiences on the Upon purchasing a ticket, you are permitted to experience the ‘Classic Drive In’, where classic car films will be screened. Magical classic car driving experiences. Drive a classic car at venues UK-wide 15 minute experience driving your choice of one classic car Buy multiple vouchers if you'd like to drive 2 or 3 cars Your ADI (ApprovedDriving Instructor) will be with you at all times to show you the controls and give you driving tips now! Classic Car Driving Experiences Throw it back to the golden age of motoring. Please note: callbacks will be from a withheld number. A classic car is a great investment, and you are sure to turn heads when youre driving one through town. Classic car driving experiences give wannabe racers a feel for some of the most iconic models ever made, from older supercars to rides in novelty cars. … You can drive a classic car in over 16 locations across the UK and Ireland. Available at professional race tracks near you. Drive a really interesting old car in good condition - and people will stop, look, and engage you in conversation. You can view the September auction lot for the event at www.bonhams.com/26119. Whether you’re a Gone in 60 Seconds aficionado, collector or classic enthusiast - this isn’t an event to be missed! Classic car enthusiasts can finally be united for the Classic Car Drive In Weekend, hosted at Bicester Heritage from the 18th-20th September. drive? If you've never experienced driving without the added gadgetry of power steering, abs braking and air conditioning then this selection of driving experiences will be something completely new. classic car drives? A superb selection of cars from across the pond, One, two, three or four car vouchers available, Cars include vintage Corvette, Camaro SS & Mustang, FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99. If you would like to be called back today, please select a timeslot in the future. Are you looking for a Rolls Royce to hire in London? For those that would like to find out more about the health & safety measures taken, you can visit www.theclassiccarshowuk.com. drive? Fancy a convertible fit for a princess but with a price tag that means you don’t need … The beautiful grounds are dripping in history (such as the UK’s best-preserved WW2 Bomber Station) and act as a hub for a variety of automotive businesses. Marrying both iconic classic car films with static displays will make for an impressive celebratory event, alongside a range of car clubs, dealers, a live auction via Bonhams, parades and track demonstrations. UPDATE: the latest advice from the government makes it clear that non-essential travel in England over greater distances is now allowed. Please be assured that the team hosting the event have followed the appropriate training and guidelines proposed by the government in order to enable the event to be both compliant and socially distanced. Renting self drive sports cars and dream cars is very popular and BookAclassic offers the most luxurious super cars from brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston … trips? Forget ECUs and traction control, drive a classic without the aid of computers and feel the raw power the likes of the Aston Martin DB6, AC Cobra, … 308 The Best of British drives! ... At last! You've come to the ... Twice the power and style with the double Aston drive! ... You gotta love this Mk1 Escort experience! Owners and enthusiasts alike will welcome the familiar displays, advice and marque representation across the board. Classic cars are unique, from the quality build to the amazing drive. Drive a 1969 First Generation Chevy Camaro SS, This is classic American muscle cars at their best, Choose between a three and six mile drive. Classic Driver is the leading international market and magazine for classic & collector cars and a sophisticated lifestyle. Driving a classic car is a unique experience that many aspire to - whether it’s your dream or somebody else’s, we’ll help you turn it into a reality. If you are a fan of classic English cars (with ... From the glamour of the swinging 60s to the head-turning ... Test drive a classic 1961 E-Type sports car from Jaguar. For more information on how we're addressing the coronavirus situation, view our. (Only your nickname and comment will be displayed). British Classic Car Choice. Are all these experiences self-drive car The Ford Escort Mk2 rally car needs no introduction. What are the most popular classic cars to The Classic Car Drive In Weekend will reunite 25 of the UK’s leading Car Clubs. • Taster drives in stunning vintage cars, Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang GT500 Experience, • Drive an iconic Ford Escort MkII rally car, • Hire a classic 1960s Ford Mustang for 24 hours, • Drive three Italian Job-inspired vehicles, • Drive your choice of classic British motorsÂ, • Self drive classic car hire packages in Surrey, Classic Car Road Trip with Morgan Factory Tour, • Classic car road trip & Morgan factory tour, • Drive a General Lee styled 1972 Dodge Charger, • Classic Mini Cooper S drives at tracks nationwide, • Classic car circuit driving at nationwide locations, • Drive sports cars on the open road from London, • Drive a glamorous & gorgeous E-type Jaguar, • A choice of guided tours in classic cars from Redditch, • Hire a Jaguar E-Type to drive on open roads, • Self-drive classic MG Midget & MGB drives, • Drive a rare classic Aston Martin Vantage, Classic vs Modern Aston Martin Drive Oxfordshire, • Drive two Aston Martins at Heyford Park circuit, • Drive two great British coup�s out on the track, • Drive five different classic cars on open roads, {{CartItem.productDetail.ParentProduct.Content.Name['#text']}}, {{formatPrice(parseFloat(cart.Cart.Order._total *(-1))+parseFloat(cart.Cart.Order._shippingCost))}}, about Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang GT500 Experience, about Ultimate Italian Job Driving Experience, about Classic Car Road Trip with Morgan Factory Tour, about Classic Mini Cooper S Driving Experience, about E-Type Driving Experience in Scotland, about MG Classic Car Hire with Picnic Option, about Classic vs Modern Aston Martin Drive Oxfordshire, Competitions, Savings, Promo Codes, News, Blog, Social Media, © Into the Blue Activity Gift Vouchers Ltd., Building 204, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Westerham, Kent, TN16 3BN, See All Our Gift Token Ideas From £10.00 - £500.00. You can view the September auction lot for the event at, You can browse the full list of participating clubs on, For those that would like to find out more about the health & safety measures taken, you can visit, Due to COVID-19, tickets have to be obtained by registering to The Classic Car Drive in Weekend. and following the appropriate links to purchase. We feel we offer the best possible selection of vintage classic cars for self drive hire; from the legendary Jaguar E-Type to the DeLorean DMC-12 and the elegant Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward to name but a … Footman James would like to keep you informed about the insurance products we offer and provide you with information about the latest shows, events and competitions that may be of interest to you. track or on the road? WEGE058.12.13. Do I need a driving licence for these The MPH arm will offer both enthusiasts and collectors the experience to not only browse their affordable classic vehicle collection for purchase but they will also be offering their expertise for visitors to draw on. The classic cars are historical witnesses of certain time periods and make every trip on the street an outstanding event for the driver and for everyone on the street. There may be no Which is better - a classic car road trip or “There are graduations of originality but it is so dependent on the vehicle having good records,” explains Paul Darvill, a car specialist at classic car auction house RM Sotheby’s. We use cookies to improve your experience when using our website. Tue, 11 Dec 2018 incredibly involving about driving these veterans of the road or These Classic American muscle cars come to life in the ... Monetary value vouchers for any driving activity we have on ... Austin, Vauxhall & Morris. If I'm on a classic car track day is it all Calling all Steve McQueen fans - this is your chance ... That famous GT500 car named Eleanor was Gone in 60 ... Say a big, hearty 'howdy' to the Camaro SS. We also have associates in France, Switzerland and Italy. Do I need to pay fuel costs if on a road trip Take time from your classic drive as there are a bunch of attractions to dive into, whether pondering through the Exbury Gardens, enjoying a game of golf or exploring the world of classic vehicles at Footman James’s partner Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum, where you can experience the FJ start up area amongst other amazing exhibits and interactive motoring features. Of course, we're not suggesting that all classic cars are suitable for the cut and thrust of modern traffic, but we think that this selection would cut the mustard day-in, day-out. me for the ride? We send Subscription boxes and adoption gifts via eVoucher only. Book your classic car driving experience If you would like to change your contact preferences at any time, please e-mail [email protected]. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit: www.theclassiccarshowuk.com. We will endeavour to call you at the time requested, however at times of exceptional volume this may not be possible. Post-War Classic Cars for Sale After WWII, cars became lifestyle products and stood for individual fulfillment and personal liberty. After a relatively unpredictable Summer, it’s time to welcome a new event into the classic calendar. Buy multiple vouchers for multiple drives! Classic Car Reviews. Drive 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars. To find out more about the cookies we use, view our cookie policy. Our fleet of classic cars are history personified and an absolute art of living, classic cars have so more to offer than any modern prestige of luxury car. these cars to get the best out of them. The Classic Car Drive-in Weekend will take place from September 18-20, and will feature more than 500 classic models on display, for sale and on screen. *Please note, in order to keep the event COVID-compliant and regulated, numbers are limited. Available at a race track near you! Save 70% From £29.00. There will be thorough social distancing requirements throughout, and the centrepiece of the event will be a drive-in cinema. Registered in England No. Live out the epic Nicolas Cage movie in this car! Includes access to the Classic Car Show & ONE Drive In Movie Screening of your choice. Regardless, you will enjoy the passion these … Formerly RAF Bicester, the staggering 444-acre site has been conscientiously restored and safely secured for its new modern use.Â. In the classic car bubble, originality is a buzzword that causes endless confusion and contention. Title Country Price; 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT - Black Series: DE: P.O.R: 2001 … One of the season’s first live auctions will also be held by Bonhams’ Modern, Popular and Historic Motoring section of the well-known international auction house. Fancy driving a classic Aston Martin? When you drive along, you will receive friendly smiles and giggles from passers-by, receive instant attraction by classic car lovers or even find yourself driving endlessly amongst other classic cars touring London. Years of quality cars. Our operating hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm Saturdays. Footman James is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited. This is the British Classic Car Choice and the experience ... Nationwide Locations. Legendary Classics; Legends Automotive Ltd; Link Motors Franchis... Luigi Moreschi Motor... Lusso Prestige; Lusso Veloce ; Luzzago Classic Cars; Made In Italy Motorc... Mather Collectable M... Millennium Heroes When you think of British ... Our team continues to work and send orders in line with UK Government guidelines. Footman James - Insurance Specialists at your service. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Presale tickets run from 12th August (10am) to 13th August (Midnight). There will be up to six screenings a day, so visitors can choose from a selection of cult classics, Hollywood blockbusters or documentaries. BookAclassic offers a wide range of classic, vintage and sports cars for London self drive classic car hire. , hosted at Bicester Heritage from the 18th-20th September. Unfortunately not everyone was alive in the age when British car manufacturing ruled the world, so we've put together a selection of classic cars from Britain and around the world. and go for a drive? VOUCHERS VALID FOR 12 MONTHS. Marrying both iconic classic car films with static displays will make for an impressive celebratory event, alongside a range of car clubs, dealers, a live auction via Bonhams, parades and track demonstrations. Classic car enthusiasts can finally be united for the Classic Car Drive In Weekend, hosted at Bicester Heritage from the 18th-20th September. Can I drive my classic car during the coronavirus pandemic? Some cookies have already been set. This is supercar driving with a historical twist. Step back in time and get behind the wheel of some of the real legends in the world of motoring – the Jaguar E Type, the iconic 1965 Ford Mustang, the Ford GT40, the Austin Healey 3000, and much more. If you would like to receive these from us, please choose how you would like us to contact you: Your callback request has been successfully received.

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